Aran. 17. Irish. Future graphic designer/actress (???). Too laid-back about school.

My blog varies a lot so I won't bother this time listing the things that I post since I always change.

The stuff that you will most definitely see will be Hiddleston, Marvel, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, Sherlock, Roosterteeth and The Last of Us. No Supernatural, Merlin or Doctor Who here. Nope.

Goodbye, friends.

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I’m so out of love with you.


"Time to die."

Robots are the topic of the premiere of The Real History of Science Fiction, airing tonight, Saturday, April 19th, following the season premiere of Orphan Black.

Tune in tonight to hear Rutger Hauer speak about Blade Runner, replicants, and… tears in rain.

you know that only the good die young


make me choose: Natasha Romanoff or Maria Hill (for Monz)

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